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The other day I wanted to do some sideways video recording using my phone’s camera, and did not have anything useful to prop the phone in a stable position. A quick dive into the office supplies and inspiration quickly sprouted. Turns out that you can make a very precarious but effective smartphone stand using only a binder clip and some staples.

Lumia 820 binder clip stand back

Lumia 820 binder clip stand from the back

Lumia 820 binder clip stand front

Lumia 820 binder clip stand from the front

Use a full strip of staples as the phone support, placed upside down. Then place half a strip with the flat side facing up centered on the full strip. Use the binder clip to press the half strip of staples and one of the walls of the full strip together. Once the binder clip is in place, remove the clip leg that is on the full strip side (this will give more room to the phone to sit snugly inside the staple wedge).


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My latest mobile device is the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 in Red. I found myself now having this device on my desk at work lying next to my keyboard, almost like a companion device, every day. I use it to listen to music, text with my boys, and many other uses; and I quickly discovered that I wanted to have a dedicated location in my desk for it, so the challenge was on, and I set out to build a easel for it.

I started out with a cardboard prototype, to figure out the proper size and angles; and afterwards I built it with Legos.

Lumia 920 Easel in Cardboard and Legos

Lumia 920 Easel in Cardboard and Legos

The final design allows you to use the phone in both landscape and portrait, it has a customizable angle, and has enough space to route the power cable.

Lumia 920 Lego Easel in portrait and landscape

Lumia 920 Lego Easel in portrait and landscape

Here is a PDF file with the Building Instructions, should you want to build your own (bill of materials included):


Happy Building.

Although I designed it for the Lumia 920, the easel itself is not brand specific and it can be used with many other phones. It might need some modification in the dimensions depending on the location of the ports and the length of the device for landscape mode.

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