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Recently I became coach of a team participating in the First Lego League (FLL) robotics tournament. We are a relatively small team, and we found ourselves in several occasions short on pieces to build the desired prototypes all at once, and the boys found it frustrating having to tear down their prototype so the next kid could build his. We realized then that Lego© has this amazing tool that it provides free of charge: Lego Digital Designer.

Using this tool, you can build your Lego© creation virtually, allowing you to keep a accurate representation of your model, in case you want to build it again with physical blocks. The tool automatically creates building instructions, in a format similar to the instructions that come with any Lego© set. It comes with the brick definitions for any Technics or Mindstorms kits.

The tool has been particularly useful to aid the boys in designing moving parts, like a gearbox and a gear switch.


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